The Best Lawn Care Service Program
Now with Option of Grub Control

After many years of lawn care service, we’ve had best results by applying five fertilizer applications evenly spaced throughout the growing season. Beginning with the first few rains of spring.

Lawn Care Des Moines Iowa

  • Step 1 - Early Spring: A perfectly blended fertilizer for quick lawn growth and color with pre-emergent weed control for annuals like foxtail, crabgrass, and knotweed.spring, continuing through the heat and humidity of the summer and ending in the fall with a final winterizing application. Our 5 step lawn care program provides your lawn with all the right nutrients to help maintain the rich color, thickness, and healthy root structure all season long and your lawn looking beautiful. Oh yes, and to keep those pesky weeds out.
  • Step 2 - Late Spring: A perfectly blended fertilizer with just the right rate of pre-emergent weed control and broadleaf control for perennials like clover, plantain, and dandelion.

Lawn Care Des Moines Iowa

  • Step 3 - Mid Season: Slow release fertilizer to produce less stress during the harsh summer heat. Includes spot spray for broadleaf and those sneaky summer weeds.
  • Step 4 - Early Fall: A slightly Heavier Rate of a perfectly blended fertilizer as we creep into the end of summer. Again broadleaf weed control is applied as those weeds keep sneaking in. We will evaluate for grub control and other insects and recommend only on an as needed basis unless amended otherwise.

Lawn Care Des Moines Iowa

  • Step 5 - Late Fall: The perfect blend of fertilizer to help those roots grow strong and develop to make it through the cold winter months. With a much heavier rate of nitrogen, it protects those roots through the winter and helps your yard green up and recover faster in the spring.

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